Eddie Piccard: -Local Boy->Good: Norway (Iowa) and Cornell College claim him , but Eddie has always been his own man when it comes to music. (Life long AFM member(?)…held several office, including President;multi-instrumentalist(?)- AWA-singer/impersonator, bandleader,recording artist showman,having played on both coasts and the boats, as well, Eddie, and whatever ensemble he pulls together will be the main event.Yet, don’t be surprised, if he spots other musicians in the house, if that ensemble doesn’t expand into what the hep cats call a jam. Cuz that’s the way these cats roll, Man! Eddie has played it all; country, rock, popular music, but his gift to us is jazz! AND he proffers masterful renditions of the American songbook in any setting and any orchestration. Eddie has his own singing style that includes the ability to mimic the styling of scads of notable artists to delight the listener (and I suspect to entertain himself as well. Jazz lovers,…catch this man between sets:learn some music, check out an artist, close up! When Eddie is with his pal, Rich Martin on the vibes, and whoever else may be playing with them, …THEY ARE the event of the evening… and it will be WORLD CLASS! {Why these guys never really pulled up stakes and schlepped to Europe: where the music lovers love jazz,the music of love; AND where the indigenous folk revere treasures such as these jazz artists…} -Jazz Club Impresario -Working Unionist https://afmlocal137.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/IMG_2296.jpeg

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